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TheAmazingAtheist Thomas James Kirk Drunken Peasants By Brett Keane

TheAmazingAtheist Thomas James Kirk Page Brett Keane Drunken Peasants
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Note: TheAmazingAtheist is not the big problem for me. These pages are based on past events I no longer give a rats ass about. The problem is DP fans watch his older video's and then seek me out. They want to understand why TJ and I fell out. They only have his viewpoint and side of the story because I no longer use youtube. So I find myself expected to explain nonstop on why all this happened. The posts are meant to relieve me of explanation and typing. I give them link and send their curious asses on their way. I have no interest in being a hate site where I pick on pricks all day. 

Truth be known I still like the fucker. My biggest bitch with the guy is he allows Paul to continue to be a dick to me and he's got some little losers who run his drunken peasants site who decided to make pages on my family. TJ will claim he can't do anything about it. So my response is I can't help blogging about your scammer father. It's only fair.

TJ deals with me directly on show appearances and has paid me well. 1000 dollars a show. I know he makes way more money from shirts and selling my video's on his broadcasts. Truth be known...he has indirectly helped me more than some family and all Christians combined. I'm not insulting believers but you can clearly see that Atheists support each other financially in social media. Christians except one single family member have failed to help me even in my darkest of hours.

Does this fact bother me that Atheists have helped me by paying me to be abused more than fellow Christians I've helped and supported? Fuck yes! I've been hurt deeply by this. I do feel betrayed. But this does not change my faith in God. Ok...so links below.

Is TheAmazingAtheist Thomas Kirk a Racist? By Brett Keane

@AmazingAtheist Pedophile Confession Posted By Brett Keane

Atheists made this site for him. They're not as nice and compassionate as I tend to be.


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