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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why and When I Started Reporting Atheist YouTubers By Brett Keane

Originally Atheists started this war. They dropped docs, harassed, cyberbullied, stalked, scammed, and flagged users for years. I could put together a huge list of criminal acts Atheists have done in social media and society. Let's continue:

2 years in my channel was falsely flagged by Atheists. I watched Atheists destroy each other with flagging and then target Christians. I use to make videos telling people not to do it because at the time I thought it was a violation of freedom of speech. But it was not enough for them to destroy the property and time of others. They got each other fired and made death threats.

After watching innocent Atheists and Christians lose years of their work and time including myself I came to the realization this would never end. Atheists knew they could use the stupidity and broken system of youtube to harm people. Years went by and I had no way of telling youtube the system was broke and people were being harmed.

Because youtube never fixed the issue I could not think of anyways to protect myself or others from this social media war. So I used my only option...I turned the weapon back on them.

I was tired of watching helplessly as the inmates run the asylum. I got tired of seeing these criminals laugh at all the damage they caused. Many of them popular with an army of assholes who helped each other destroy just to feel powerful.

I remember the first asshole I ended. A guy who laughed at the torment and damage he dealt out. Coughlan666. When his big channel went down I was pleased. Then his friends who loved making videos attacking people's loved ones. I was so happy I made a video giving them a taste of their own medicine. I feel no regrets.

Instead of Atheists learning, they decide to attack harder. Sure they burned my little small channels but I took out entire big channels that were monetized. Now they had no incentive to continue because they were no longer rewarded with money and popularity. Again I beat them so bad they never recovered.

Recently I got some lawyer help and finally made contact with youtube. I can now report their asses all day simply by sending a note pad with links into the yt member and watch them go down based on breaking yt rules and community guidelines. Also, impersonation and privacy acts. My lawyer will be taking out DP and we will most likely sue them for posting my phone number all over their videos.

Because my videos are posted on Bitchute I can DMCA stolen videos of mine and youtube is forced to take down the users.

I've never false flagged anyone. I report based on the community guidelines and youtube rules. I would never report a social media enemy's video based on nothing. Example - A video about their puppy.