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Thursday, August 29, 2019

GodTvRadio PODCAST - Brett Keane Talks about Hosts and Guests on Show

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.”
–Albert Einstein
(The Wall Street Journal, Dec 24, 1997, article by Jim Holt, “Science Resurrects God.”)
Below is just a few of the Hosts and Guests we have kept the show Rock'n.
Sistertv - Another head case for Jesus. Once said she would bomb the entire middle east just to make more Walmart supercenter parking lots. Sadly, she is most likely the most stable person in my entire group of misfits. She also once got on a plane and went to meet Buddha. Told the poor bastard he didn't do anything for her and went in a long twisted sleep like Adam and Eve until her vacation was over. Oh, yea...she loves weiner...dogs. Sweet woman. Go sub her or 1000 kittens must die. 
Jfreek - A very sensitive Soy Boy who sits in panties while chopping up soda cans and inventing time travel machines from Pepsi scraps. Loves to argue about meaningless shit. Point to the sky and say it's blue and he will let you know how stupid you are for having limited eyesight spectrum and lack of hue depth. He's a great pal and confidant providing you agree with him on feminist super hero's.
Von Helton - Has worked every job imaginable. A retired superhero who was once anal raped by area 51 aliens and has wanted to punish them ever since. Has been known to say in his prior life he was rich, powerful, and loved by everyone. But due to Cern and a rip in time, he is lost in the cosmos like a tattered turd ready to be flushed. What a fuck'n shame. He and I are the most hated people on the planet. We have vowed to destroy all those foolish enough to reach for our cupcakes and twinkies. 
John G - Absolute waste of life and energy. A Jewish New Yorker who only hangs out when he wants to sell something on the podcast. Known the guy for over a decade and have found nothing redeemable. But we all love him. He somehow sold some hot ass chick the idea of marrying him would get her to heaven. She bought it. Sheesh.
Cactus Dick - a Nice guy who likes to say yea and nods every 5 seconds when others are speaking. Room is concerned about seizures due to his frequent need to run his mouth. God bless him. 
Smokey Taint - Has a good voice but shitty luck. Love him to death but wouldn't give a bucket of piss for his future. A very wise young man living in an unwise world. 

TTOR Bitchute. Talks about God and loves Bitch-hoot.