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Saturday, August 31, 2019

GodTvRadio Podcast #7 Jew VS Christian and News By Brett Keane

If you want to make a podcast where everyone is high and drunk you might have more success. I've never seen retards bored. They always seem happy even if sitting in their own piss and shit. Ask God to send you some sober intelligently designed humans to talk will discover quickly God is a troll and comedian.

This show almost turned into a cluster fuck. My hosts got confused and didn't know how to get in the room. I spent 10 minutes babbling on about fucked up shit in the news. Lucky TTOR showed up. Will most likely have him be a permanent host. He has a good voice. Works hard on his content. Understands how social media works. When he showed up the flow finally began.

The JDUBS shows up and whines about how he hates news and politics and wants to discuss Netflix movies. Right off the bat, you can hear the usual laziness in his voice. The party killer presence was upon us. He spends 20 minutes after saying this comment trying to work his manycam to advertise his channel. Dead air coming from the guy after attempting to fuck the conversation up.

Awhile back Dubs and his fag friend William Kincaid said they wanted to make a podcast and have me help be a host. But I knew that would be a shit sandwich without the bread. Dubs might talk about a couple games he played in the past or Jewish stuff he learned from Idol smasher. In 15 minutes he'd be spent.

Will K. would drag on about his gay days as a homosexual and how cruel the world is to him. Slurring because he can't chat without getting high and drunk. So it was clear to me their podcast would burn like a dumpster fire. I offered them to be guest on my show where I make the thing beautiful. But Will is off sucking cock most likely...and Jdubs...Hmmm. Who knows.

My crazy friend Von Helton shows up awhile after TTOR and Dubs get into it over the bible. Von always makes things fun. Crazy fuckers tend to add life to a party. Podcast flowing better.

Kittie comes in. She's a sweetheart but can't carry a topic if her life depended on it. A true blonde. We attempt to help her along yet the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

So she just sits there after about 5 minutes of showing off her Pitbulls. That was nice. But she pretty much stares off into the twilight zone for the remainder of the show. Many seem to like her which is good. My theory is she shows a lot of cleavage so people forgive her for being a dunce.

Thank God my past Podcasts and future recorded ones are awesome. Lot's of guests. Interesting shit. Now that I made this site and simple instructions on how to get into the show that even a monkey can understand we might get some Atheists in.