Islam Muslims BANNED in America

Did you know Islam was Banned from America? Obama failed to mention this and allowed them to be rewarded after attacking our country and paid them so they could weaponize against us. While also trying to take our guns essentially disarming us leaving you and me defenseless.
Click Image to get a better look below. This is American law. America knew in 1952 what Sweden and Europe failed to notice. Islam rightfully BANNED.

Muslims are not a race but a religious terrorist group that is taught to Overthrow all governments because they believe God told them so in their book. Take a look at how they're told to treat us.

Has anything changed? Have they tried to work with us?

Not a fucking chance!

The solution is to deport them. Italy has the right idea. Europe and Sweden will soon be destroyed because they were stupid enough to allow Liberals to encourage the invasion.

What do you think Obama? You gave them Billions.

Obama committed Treason

Islam is against the Law! Americans should be totally in their right to criticize enemies of America.

Iran gets paid by Obama

Obama’s White House Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs

Some more facts

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