@therealroseanne Roseanne Barr - Should She Be Fired for Racism? By Brett Keane

Muslim is a believer of Islam a religion and Apes are animals. Nothing to do with race. Let's discuss facts, shall we? Why she was actually fired.
ABC is racist. Just check this out! They claim on their own program that we're all Apes! You fucking believe this? They even said science told them so!
The band Black Sabbath wrote a popular song called "War Pigs". The pigs are the politicians who kill us for land and money. Warmongers essentially. ABC has countless Celebrities who have referred to others as Cows, Snakes, Pigs, Monkey, Apes, Vipers, Vampires, Bitch, Cunt, and I could go on all day with the list. Google it for millions of documented cases. So why did she get fired?
“Roseanne,” the ABC sitcom, brought in 25 million viewers and counting to the shock of elites who believed that the biggest new draw on TV was Jimmy Kimmel  and comedy tilting politically left. But there are an estimated 15 million closet conservatives in America today — people who have views that are more conservative than they let on to friends and family — and series star Roseanne Barr tapped into that enormous constituency.
The most surprising statistic of the last presidential election was that 53 percent of white women overall, and close to 60 percent in suburban and rural areas, voted for Donald Trump. These same women also voted overwhelmingly in favor of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, and favored Republicans by 22 points in the 2014 midterms. 
Rosey is a Conservative Republican who supports Trump. Women love her and listen to her views. This is why she was branded racist and lost her job. ABC supports Trump hate. Rosey easily defeated all other TV shows on ABC who dedicated their lives to attacking @POTUS
Did you know Donald Trump was sued for blocking someone he didn't like who attacked him nonstop but Obama's boyfriend did this...
Something people might want to consider...
The woman Rosanne spoke of admits to working in the white house and says her faith is Islam. Her book says Jews, Christians, and Atheists are Apes. Take a look below.

The Hypocrisy makes me sick.

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