Roseanne Barr - ABC Can Be Sued For Discrimination

Click Image to see clearly and copy if you like. ABC posted a story on their website admitting to knowing of her mental illness in 2001. It can be found here
However, I copied entire site in case they pull the evidence.

Her X-Husband was allowed to get on News Networks to make fun of her mental condition. Tom Arnold. The question you should all be asking is why would they drag all this up when they reported her in interviews already admitting she has serious issues? Some might say they thought they could make money from her. Also since she has issues maybe use her to attack Trump. But their worst nightmare happened. She loves Trump and stands for everything they hate but too late...she rises to the top of tv ratings. What can they do...she must be ended!
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Rosey has serious problems but if they claim she is nuts and knew it for over 20 years they look like assholes if they can her. We just can't have her endorsing that bastard Trump and grab African, Transgender, and Women votes! Sick or not...Rosey is the show. Rosey and Goodman put asses on the couch to watch. So what can we do? She always writes to her fans on Twitter. Won't be long before she forgets millions are watching...I mean damn...she's on major sleeping pills. She is impulsive. A people pleaser. YESSSS!!!!! She called a politician a Planet of the Apes character!
Burn her ass at the stake and claim Trump influenced her behavior! Use that crazy bitch to attack someone politically we hate! What can she do? We're ABC...we're a Corporation. We Own ABC News. We will weave a story so exaggerated that her fans will turn. Best of all we can throw jabs of racism at the entire population of America...see...see...It's all Trump!

Is it not Ironic that Trump in the same week signed a paper that lets the Dying get healthcare that will prolong their life or ease their suffering unto death. Rosey, an entire life's work destroyed for political gain. Killed by the disinformation and motivation FAKE NEWS offers. Ratings, Views, Money. Who would use a sick disabled woman who was once the American Mom and crucify her? Democrats.
Jimmy Kimmel knew. He tweeted about her having a mental illness. He pretended to care. But Jimmy never respected women. Look up Hannity destroys pervert Jimmy Kimmel. Look up Black Face Oprah and NBA where Jimmy pretends to be a black person and mocks their looks and behavior as he perceives it. If Rosey has anything left in her she can Sue these Vipers into the ground. Or she can lay down and Die like they expect her to do. Sadly, you can tell in interviews she is not the same strong person mentally and physically she used to be. She would require support and a nasty fucking lawyer who likes crawling up asses and hunt shit for fun. Most of all help from Family and Friends...problem is...ABC and Liberal News Networks have turned her into...A Jew who has become a Nazi...
(Her illness was known even in 1997)

This could explain why the writers in the show made Rosey's character a drug addict. Easy to explain strange behaviors and stay in the script.

You all have 2 choices. You can save her or destroy her with the same media that kills us and Trump every chance it can get.
Rosey shows ABC she will NOT play ball. Says she will stay loyal to @Potus

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