Is Donald Trump Racist? - By Brett Keane

Donald Trump is the least racist man you could ever know. Here is why...

Trump speaks out against Illegals...and somehow Libtards confuse it with race. It is by Law we enforce Illegals out. Trump didn't make the law. He just keeps it.

Boxer Jack Johnson, who was the first black world heavyweight champion, has received a posthumous presidential pardon after years of bipartisan efforts by lawmakers and family members to clear his name — and a personal appeal from Sylvester Stallone to President Trump.
Speaking in the Oval Office on Thursday afternoon, Trump praised Johnson as "one of the greatest that ever lived. ... He was pretty much unbeatable."

Trump noted that the fighter's 1913 conviction, which was tied to his relationships with white women, was one that "many view as a racially motivated injustice. He was treated very rough."

Johnson fled to Europe after he was convicted but ultimately returned and served several months in prison. He died in 1946.
Presidential pardons for people who are deceased are extremely rare. The Justice Department says the limited resources for processing such pardons are "best dedicated to applications submitted by living persons who can truly benefit from a grant of clemency."

A bipartisan group of legislators had appealed to former President Obama to make an exception for Johnson, to no avail.
"I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that occurred in our history and to honor a truly legendary boxing champion," Trump said.

President Trump holds a signed Executive Grant of Clemency for boxer Jack Johnson in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday, as (from left) Johnson's great-great niece Linda Haywood, boxer Deontay Wilder, Keith Frankel and actor Sylvester Stallone applaud.
Linda Haywood, Johnson's great-great niece, said her family had been "deeply ashamed that my uncle went to prison" and thanked the president for "rewriting history."
Stallone called the decision "incredible" and "a long time coming."

Islam is a Death Cult Religion, not a Race.

Donald Trump Dated Black Women

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