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TJ Kirk New Vision and Podcast by Brett Keane

In my video, I lay out several reasons TJ canned Ben. Even to this day, I have DP fans praising me for being one of the main reasons he was knocked off. Do I feel like it was some sort of victory? Not in the slightest. The only thing I did was stand up for the young women who were abused and treated like trash. I simply told the truth. After reading comments and watching Ben stream with The Fridge and Pimpmunkx it has become unsurprisingly clear that none of the DP fans care about his adultery and sex with underage girls. All they care about is being a part of a gang. A click that doesn't give a shit about immorality. Flesh-eating parasites. Maggots who devour endless amounts of shit deluding themselves into believing they're apart of something relevant but dead since it's birth.

I have learned finally what TJ was talking about when he mentions his vision and how it is different than Ben's vision. TJ based on his topics in his videos has shown to be more grown up. Even TJ's tweets have shown more concern for the world and real issues. Ben when running DP used childish imagery that attracted shallow children. TJ most likely enjoyed the silliness at first but without mental stimulation caused him to feel unchallenged. If you feel like your audience is a bunch of mindless sheep it makes you not desire to put any real effort into your work because it won't be appreciated anyway.

I think TJ really wants something he can be proud of that can make a difference. But mostly he wants to feel challenged and feel good about it. Time will tell. It would be nice to see him too good topics with discussion as oppose to shitting on people all day :p

Of course, I could be dead wrong...

Brett Keane
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