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Brett Keane Live Podcast with Professor SJ Thomason, Darth Dawkins, and Atheists

Meet Stephanie J. Thomason
Associate Director/TECO Energy Center for Leadership; Coordinator/Coaching/Center for Teaching and Learning; Associate Professor, Management
Education: 1989 Florida State University, B.S.
1999 Florida Atlantic University, MBA
2007 Florida Atlantic University, Ph.D.
Courses Taught: Human Resource Management
Human Resource Strategy: Effectively Utilizing People 
Principles of Management
Essentials of Corporate Responsibility 
International Management
Career Specialties: Stephanie Thomason specializes in international human resource management, cross-cultural organization behavior and strategic human resource management.
Professional and Community Activities: Thomason serves as the president of the board of the National Society of Experiential Education. She has published or presented more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and national and regional conferences. Her publications can be accessed from journals such as Human Resource Management , International Journal of Selection and Assessment , the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology , the Journal of Global Information Management , the International Journal of Innovation Management , the Case Journal  and the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship . She has presented seven papers at the Academy of Management Annual Conferences, along with a variety of other international and regional conferences. Prior to entering academia, she owned and operated several family-run businesses with multiple storefronts in South Florida. She additionally worked in the real estate, media and educational publishing industries.

Professor SJ Thomason on Richard Carrier's Honesty Problem
Oct 6, 2017 at 9:16am
"Historian" Richard Carrier is not respected by most of his fellow historians, and there's a reason. As Professor Thomason notes, the man simply isn't honest to the historical record, and has a huge credibility problem with anyone who isn't already an ideologically committed Atheist and anti-Christian.

Professor SJ Thomason's original article:

Pseudohistorian Richard Carrier's easily debunked "expert analysis":

Professor Thomason's response to Carrier's nonsense and provable lies here:

Escaping Atheism's pages on historian Borden Painter:

Brett Keane
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