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The End Of The Drunken Peasants TJ Kirk TheAmazingAtheist by Brett Keane

EDIT: New proof that Ben Grady cheats on his wife(with fan girl alicia adachi)...and he apparently cheated on Alicia as well. This is all from twitter and kind of hard to read but the context is that he's messaging a girl named Sam because someone named Teddy(?) is outing him because he was fucking her while fucking Alicia(who is married) also while he himself is married.
also allegedly someone told Alicia's husband and now she's getting a divorce because of Ben.
I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing about this but considering Ben took down anything with substantial evidence showing his true nature, I think this post is relevant to the DP community. If anything, I hope this amount of censorship and the blatant lies I've shown here shows his true nature. Feel free to be as skeptical as you'd like or take what you will from it.
He has yet to refute any of these claims or provide any proof. If you want more information PM me and I'll be happy to give you more detailed information.
His response was also deleted to my knowledge but I'll still keep my response to it. Nothing in here shows his full name, town name, wife's name etc. this isn't dox.
First off, this YT video proves that it really is Ben messaging girls from the official DP account. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QwRQYyOILo&feature=youtu.be

- The suicide claims were from a secondhand source(his ex) who told me she didn't want to be involved. I've thus deleted photos she's sent me.

Therefore this album shows: https://imgur.com/a/C9w3z - Ben is married while having affairs(as per the marriage certificate, his own words, him using Paul and TJ as examples/scapegoats to excuse his own marriage) He will try and say he's divorced however per the evidence I have here he's still married as of March 2017.
  • I also included evidence he shit talked TJ to make him seem like a cheater, Paul, and Ashley amongst others to lead me to distrust them.
  • Proof of why he moved to Seattle for a younger fan while he was married(also in the YT video). Wife didn't know and girlfriend didn't either.
  • Proof that he knew I was an escort from the very beginning(in his response he said that he didn't know/I lied about it, Images are from Sep 2016 - January 2017): https://imgur.com/a/emUWk
  • In Ben's response he claimed that I was a stalker he had only went on five dates with. Couldn't be further from the truth. The screenshots he posted where I said I "want to die" was because he told me his ex was harassing him after she found out the truth and that it was my fault. I felt genuinely sad about it. I have plenty of chat logs where I'm ignoring him. I haven't contacted him since February 2017 nor do I want to.
I also claimed that Ben initiates conversation with very young underaged teen fans from what he told me himself in person. Thankfully one of these young girls has proven this to be true. Nothing illegal to my knowledge. One of the girls has verified her age and shown proof here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DrunkenPeasantsDP/comments/6yi4au/reuploading_ben_drama_since_ben_banned_me/?st=J79GSCDT&sh=29b89292 It's not illegal, but he knew her age as she put it in the DP chat room where he found her and asked to DM her. She said she was 14 multiple times. His response? "You're a special one". He was 34 and married at the time.

Brett Keane
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