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Seth MacFarlane Religion By Brett Keane

(I have not seen him claim he is an Atheist. I have seen Atheists claim someone is an Atheist due to jokes or comments a person makes. For the longest time, George Carlin was claimed as an Atheist but there are interviews where Carlin rejected Atheism as just another religion. Below is a News article where an Atheist claims Seth is an Atheist. But I don't know for sure. Plenty of memes and quotes but like usual no information where the meme maker got his or her info.)
He is an atheist and rather outspoken about it.2 But when it comes to atheism, MacFarlane is more Ricky Gervais than Christopher Hitchens. Occasionally, he’ll get serious but, for the most part, MacFarlane is funny about it and doesn’t seem to care to get into lengthy, theological or philosophical discussions. He’s just an atheist and might crack a joke or two about religion. For example, as his hit character Stewie in Family Guy, MacFarlane says:
Stay away from the church. In the battle over science vs. religion, science offers credible evidence for all the serious claims it makes. The church says, ‘Oh, it’s right here in this book, see? The one written by people who thought the sun was magic?’ I for one would like to see some proof that there is a God. And if you say ‘a baby’s smile’ I’m going to kick you right in the stomach.

I'm a fan of Seth. Not so much Family guy but his show Orville. So far he has made 12 episodes and 3 of them burn on religion. It is important to note the show is primarily comedy but it's clear he enjoys moral issues explaining why Star Trek Generations is his favorite Show over all other Treks. Generations dealt with moral problems as where new Star Trek seems more like Star Wars. Besides all this let's discuss his 12 episode I watched recently.

The show starts with Seth's x-wife traveling into space because the scanners spot some strange occurrences. As she and a small crew investigate they find themselves suddenly doing a dive into a planet that appeared out of nowhere. Kelly goes exploring and accidentally interacts with primitive humanoids on the planet. She uses advanced tech to heal a child who got hurt running from her. The child spreads the word and townspeople see Kelly. She escapes breaking what star trek would call the prime directive. Don't intervene in cultures that are still evolving.

The crew also discovers the planet is shifting out of our universe into another universe that acts under a different timeline than our own. 11 days is 700 years for the inhabitants of the world when making the transition between universes. Why? Because not all universes will act in accordance with our laws. I've explained this to countless nonbelievers when discussing God in hopes to help them understand how God and time works.

The planet returns to our universe and for them, it is now 700 years later but only 11 days for Orville crew. Time confirms when the world shifts back to our reality. I find it interesting that Seth used 7 which is an important biblical number in creation and death in the bible. As a Catholic in his upbringing, I'm sure he knew this.

The crew discovers the time lapse and now the society is 700 years advanced and has created a religion around Kelly. They claim she even has a bible, statues, and churches made in her name. And of course, killing in the name of Kelly.

Clearly, she is appalled by this and takes great discomfort knowing that her short presence has stirred so many issues. Seth spends the majority of the show appealing to the idea that religion is a sham while also unintentionally promoting God.

Although Kelly was not God she was, however, an advanced alien to them that used technology to do as Believers call miracles do. She also observed the planet far above their atmosphere. She had the power to destroy them all if she wanted to do so. The people were not wrong in believing her to be like a God due to her resources and advantages over them. When the people killed it wasn't because of Kelly but because they wanted to control society using her name. Sadly the same thing rich religious zealots and nonbelievers do to society every day at the cost of our lives and the truth.

Kelly attempted to resolve the problems by appearing before their version of the pope. She explained to him that she is mortal and that she was not God. The pope although shocked in the end was willing to tell mankind the truth but was murdered. His assistant enjoyed the control the religion of Kelly had over society. Another 700 years would pass before the Orville would find that the society was not fixed.

Kelly like God was not pleased with the 20th-century people who were now using advanced weapons on one another. But it was too late for her to intervene. The same society who worshipped her would most likely imprison her or put her in a mental ward if she came forth. Perhaps even kill her just as the Roman and Jews did to Christ.

A sacrifice was made when the crew robot suggested he be left on the planet to change the views of the people and society. He would remain for 700 years. The robot character in the show perceives itself as being superior to humans. It tickled me that the whole show was biblical and anti-religious yet always promoted God every step of the way. Jesus wasn't a big promoter of religion and traditions either for those who are too lazy to read the bible.


Another 700 years go by and the society is now able to travel space. They return the robot to the Orville while wearing bright shiny white clothes like angels. They explain Kelly was not the problem but religion was a part of the evolution of man. That religion is inevitable and that it was mankind to blame for using it as a weapon. The society was now just as advanced as earth humans and could now use time itself to surpass us due to existing in and out of universes. Seth unintentionally resolved the God of time issues using science. If an entity had no physical form and trillions of years to advance wisdom then the concept of God is logical and rational. Science says so.

The prime directive is also the reason I believe God communicates us like he does. Too much info to fast can be dangerous to a society. God keeps it simple. Love each other as I love you.

Now ask yourself this. Humans have already come up with theories on how to create universes and black holes. Imagine how much we could do and know without the constraints of time and the laws of space in our confined section of the universe. In time our species would become so advanced and knowledgeable we would be like Gods. The only difference is we would always remain the children of the original father God who created it all, to begin with. The child can never become the father. Unless you're both at the same time ;p

Brett Keane
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