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Brett Keane Diary - Siblings, Sanity, and Suicide

Some Atheists recently contacted my wife on facebook claiming I'm suicidal. In the past they messaged her pretending to give a shit by claiming they believe I'm having a nervous breakdown. Apparently, they don't realize my wife watches damn near everything I make on my blog and past videos. Of course, when they're not pretending to care they will also say sexually harassing things to her. The kind of shit that is illegal and worthy of jail time. Proving once again that Atheists don't think they're accountable to anyone including God or the law of the land.

The truth is I'm very happy. I have issues with siblings and disagreements with friends from time to time but usually, I work things out or take a breather from people. If you're the perfect person and just can't identify with this then good for you. 9 times out of 10 you're either a liar or mentally ill if you actually believe you've never had these kinds of issues.

Now that I'm not producing video's I'm extremely happy. I have not retired from reporting people and having youtube channels removed. Now that I no longer deal with trolls or ideas for video's and the development I'm able to thoroughly investigate the losers of youtube and copy and paste reports on them and get great joy from watching fuckers cry when they lose it all due to being useless pricks. My advice is to put thought into your video's and not use the service and social media to harass people and I will never bother you.

I will not be returning to youtube but I will continue with my site. I still watch video's and keep up to date on how users are getting fucked over by Google. Youtube seems to be going full-on Hulu Netflix and there will be no reason for most of the filth to exist on youtube any longer. I'm pleased with this.

Everyone knows I have depression. I'm one of the people in this world that sees's how stupid shit is and how simple it would be to resolve most of our problems globally. But humanity doesn't care unless they get paid and even then they do nothing.

I've also enjoyed watching Hollywood and the sex predators of social media and politicians get destroyed. I spoke out against abuse for years. But like usual no one gave a shit until now.

As a footnote, I have allowed myself to be interviewed by people. If anyone messages me and claims to be of DP and want my side or my experiences my answer will be go fuck yourself. I don't give a shit about what you're wondering. I don't give a shit about you playing Dick Tracy. I don't need to prove anything to a loser like yourself. In the end, I will most likely be a better person than you will ever be. If you enjoy watching men put fruit up their ass then you're dead to me anyway. The only way to get me to discuss drama with you is you go to the bank and get me some money providing you have a job.

Youtube was nothing more than 10 minutes of my life a day unless I wasted time talking to assholes.

I've been pushing myself to deal with my depression and agoraphobia. Been able to get out a lot more. Like I said long ago I'm a man who welcome's the unknown and will battle my fears to the death. Can you say the same?

Brett Keane
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