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Brett Keane Diary - Homosexuality is NOT Love

(Before I get into this topic let me first point out I will not stand against your rights or hold you to my own moral obligations. Be happy and free)

Atheist homosexuals always attack religion because the bible says God does not accept it. They will tell stories of how the concept of Hell bothers them. Why does God make me this way but won't allow me to love who I choose they cry out? Let's explore all these claims for a moment.

1. Just because you don't like how a God or many God's run the universe does not make it untrue. Just because you don't agree with God or think his or her views are stupid does NOT all of a sudden make God not exist or untrue. Just because people like myself will stand up for your rights as a person to live as you choose doesn't equal God is cool with the lifestyle.

2. If you're claiming to be an Atheist and you're interested in someone of the same gender out of love then I must question this as I do all things. If there is no God and love is nothing more than chemicals then speaking of love has absolutely no value for anyone straight or gay. Love is simply a fancy word that describes your hormones and biology. Nothing of value or meaning. Even though I believe love is higher than the flesh and brain juice it is clear from observation and experience the human race including religious don't hold to the sacred divinity of love. All one has to do is look at the stats on divorce to see that whether God is real or not love is clearly just another word for fucking. As for me, love is what binds this universe together from here to eternity.

Richard Dawkins says love is no more than biting into a candy bar. If this is true what this Atheist leader says then there is no reason for me to accept your love bullshit or claims thereof. You may not be able to choose who you're attracted to due to chemicals and environmental factors but YOU can always choose who you have sex with.

Homosexuals expect themselves to be accepted but will be the first to reject any views or concepts that oppose themselves. An example is their willingness to throw away God and their faith for sexual gratification...yet they will tell you to your face they once loved God. They once believed.

Could you imagine claiming to love your parents but because they disagree with some of your choices so you abandon them and claim they no longer exist and then cry about it when they return the favor? None of it sounds like love to me.

I am disturbed by parents who disown their children over coming out of the closet. I don't think people should be forced to be ok with something they're against but I also don't like children losing support and love over something so trivial as hormones and biology.

Child Molestors, Rapists, and Murderers will claim they can't change who they're either. Notice that people who cause harm to others always choose victims they perceive to be weak and easy to manipulate. Someone they can take advantage of. Dahmer who lived as a cannibal Atheist who happened to be gay said at the time he was convinced God did not exist. That evolution concluded we came from slime and he had no moral obligations and no one owned him.

He was murdered in prison but shortly before that, he claimed to accept God and responsibility for his actions in an interview with his father.

Atheists and gays will become angry that I put homosexuality in the same bracket as Child Molesters, Rapists, and Murderers. But what is the difference? If we're all nothing but slime then death and killing is simply a natural inevitable process. Domination and survival only matter for those genes that sustain it. Love is not real but man-made fluff talk. A word that means nothing.

In the end, it doesn't matter if I accept your lifestyle or not...you will be dead before the stars burn out.

Believing in God helps me see past the slime with no purpose. I can look at you and say you're special and God created you with purpose and reason. The love you claim to have for others is real because an eternally loving God designed this into your nature. But if you tell me God is not real and attempt to erase the existence of Christ...in doing so you erase your very existence and value.

One last thought before I conclude this post. Atheists love to claim those of religion can't grasp reality. Defined as the state or quality of having existence or substance. Science claims the universe is over 200 million light-years of space or more. Maybe even beyond this if we live in a multi-universe with layers and dimensions. This is way beyond the human scope and man's limitations. In saying this I can easily claim that mankind is woefully and ill-fated to live out his days on faith and hope alone.

I will keep an open mind for all of you. I will tolerate your bullshit people. But don't challenge me on reality because you and I are towing the same sinking boat together. Destination who knows where.

Brett Keane
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