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Atheist Apologises to Brett Keane

This guy claims he said horrible things about my family and myself. Accused me of sex with my own child. Says he did it so he could get attention. Makes it clear he is associated with Drunken Peasants or a Fan.

I've dealt with thousands of young kids just like him because of DP and TheAmazingAtheist. They worship him like a God and will do immoral acts for him which includes calling me and making death threats, defamation, steal my property. They get angry if you accuse them of criminal behavior when what they're doing is against the law.

I've always preferred getting along with people. Try to see the best in people including TJ. However, if this behavior continues I will report video's to youtube and advertisers and have these people lose it all. Since I left they never stopped. I told my wife I would leave youtube and if they continued I would return with a wrath to follow.

I'm willing to report threats to the police which I've done in the past.

DP claims they will sue me and I wish they would try. I have copies of every video I've reported. I don't see myself needing to go into great detail on why I reported anyone being that the judge can watch and see the cyber terrorism I have endured for years.

If these criminals have deluded themselves into believing they can get away with this then I can see them go down hard.

Anyone who decides they want to join the mob for attention and acceptance and comes after me with abusive behavior will by law be taken out. On youtube, this behavior violates terms of service and community guidelines. I'm in my right to report and in the end, youtube can decide what the fair route to take is. I've proven to have a great success rate of having many removed for violations.

If you don't want to lose money and time. If you don't want to be reported. Don't use social media to hurt people. Don't be fake news. Be positive. Be funny. But don't hate on people for money and gain.

Brett Keane
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