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@Sony @PS4 Company Steals My Refund Money for @WWE #2K18 Glitches, Unplayable, predatory microtransactions, Broken, by Brett Keane

WWE 2K18 offered a deluxe edition pre-order for almost 100 dollars with hidden paywall to get extra in the game. Claiming if you pre-order you will get game 4 days early. So I got the game and started it up. Here is some of the result.

As you can clearly see the game is filled with broken crap and is unplayable for a majority of people complaining about the same issues.

Sony being the great company that we all know them to be said sorry but refused to refund me my money and left me with this broken piece of shit.

The faggotry of this company has caused me not to trust Sony. X-box has always given me money back if I had issues as has origin and steam. I will not be buying products from them ever again. Their excuse for the theft was their policy indicates once you play a game you can't refund? How the fuck can one know if a game is broke unless you start it up to witness the fail? Fuck you Sony.

Brett Keane
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  1. This is why it's good to wait before deciding to purchase a game. I just purchased Battlefield 1 - and it came out a *year* ago. This way you can avoid broken games and also get way more content for your money. Many modern publishers launch games as a literal beta. A real proper beta phase will last several months, maybe even a year. That's how it was done in the old days.

  2. Sadly, this is the case for a lot of games being released recently like Battlefront 2 beta and some of 2k's other games. If you bought the game from Playstation Network they won't refund you per their policy reasons but you might be able to get a refund if you bought a physical copy. Still, microtransactions have been hurting the game industry lately especially with the loot box shenanigans that companies have been pushing into their games.


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