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Why Brett Keane May Never do Music Again

Why Brett Keane May Never do Music Again
I will discuss positive and negative reasons for quitting music. When I was a child my grandmother bought me an old organ. I learned how to play show tunes quickly. My mother and grandmother actually boasted about my abilities. I noticed when I played it made people happy and took my mind off of the pain in my life. My mother had me play live on a fancy keyboard at a talent show. I was so nervous but after I was done I was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of clapping and cheering I received.

Later on, in my life, I picked up a guitar and played for fun. I really loved music. It was clear early on I was better at keyboards.

When I moved to Florida I learned how to use music software. Studios cost too much and I had strange ideas that I wanted to experiment with. Sadly due to being a noob at recording my sound quality was shit but I got better over the next few years.

I attempted to work with other musicians and learned very quickly how fickle they could be and how poor of priorities they all seemed to have. The problem with playing with musicians is many of them dream of being rich or the fastest guitar player on the planet. Most of them want to mimic their idol instead of progress to their own style. Become non-creative and just sound like everyone else.

I love metal and rock but I didn't need to be trapped in any genre. I wanted to be Brett Keane, not Megadeth or Metallica. I wanted to have fun and simply record. I loved recording and editing. What I didn't like was when musicians berated me because they wanted to sound like Nirvana or Green Day.

Sadly I thought my brother and I were on the same page. Have fun and make music. But I learned after years playing with him he was not interested in my ideas even though I was more than happy to work with him on his own material. Still to this day I have tons of music in my head and arrangement for it. He will solo over it and make little effort to make it a song and more of an instrumental. Basically, I'm no more than a backing track for him.

Besides that exhausting experience, I realized I had a different dream that was bigger than writing books and music. Having a family and being a good father. As a father, I never feel like I can do enough but my kids are great and we love each other. I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. In fact, had I amounted to becoming rich due to music it all would have gone to family and charity. I would have kept very little for myself. I have simple needs.

The reason other musicians make it in this world is for many different reasons. You have to know the right people or find them. You can't treat music like basketball and constantly hog the ball. You have to learn how to be a team and pass the ball. You have to respect other people's abilities and not boast and gloat about how better you're than everyone else. If you feel like music is about hitting as many notes as you can or being as loud as possible you have failed.

Music is a language and travels through people's emotion. When people listen it's because they identify. If music to you is pussy, money, and fame then you're nothing but a greedy politician that will most likely fail. However, music companies do not share my views. Usually, it's about image and the green. When music became a business or used to obtain shallow things I lost interest.

If you want more about me and my life simply look in my website diary.

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