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Tim Allen - Atheists Ruin Science and Evolution By Brett Keane

Tim Allen - Atheists Ruin Science and Evolution By Brett Keane
Tim Allen asks a simple valid question and Atheists went ape shit. Personal experience has shown me Most Atheists have no clue what the fuck they're talking about on almost any topic. Very few can handle a conversation without being disruptive and incoherent.

Tim Allen - Atheists Ruin Science and Evolution By Brett Keane
Comedian Tim is asking a question that normal people have an issue with. Why are humans the dominant species on the intellectual frontier? We're the only species who have experienced an enlightenment and industrial age. The mental midgets of Atheism will claim Neathandthal was smart but he's dead or we raped them and turned them all humans. Or they simply went extinct. Whatever bullshit story they pick.

Some are so plump fuck dumb they will claim we didn't evolve from primates but they were common ancestors. That we were a type of ape that branched off. Can you see how these brain dead fuck sticks contradict themselves in their own sentences? They can't be bothered to read the dictionary.

In biology and genealogy, the most recent common ancestor (MRCA, also last common ancestor LCA, or concestor) of any set of organisms is the most recent individual from which all organisms in a group are directly descended.

They will argue that dolphins are smart and penguins are gay. Apes do sign language. Hoping this will dodge the fact we're the God's of life on this planet. The fact is we see rare cases of mild intelligence and every one of these creatures are stupid as fucking can be. Dolphins are so dumb if you throw a net in the water they will run right into it and die. Granted there are many Atheists who do stupid shit as well.

In 2005 one of Russia’s darkest secrets was brought to light in The Scotsman newspaper. The story revealed that during his tyrannical reign, Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union, ordered the creation of a human-ape hybrid. He reportedly commissioned Doctor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanoff to create this new species so he could build his own army of super-soldiers who were “insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.”
But even for Stalin, known for his outrageous tendencies, this seems a step too far. Stalin did commission a doctor to find a way to create a human-ape hybrid, but it wasn’t to create an army, rather, to disprove religion by proving that evolution was correct. Doctor Ivanoff attempted to impregnate three chimpanzees with human sperm, but the experiment was a failure. A second experiment attempted to impregnate women with ape sperm, but when the donor ape died, the experiment was canceled and Ivanoff was removed from his post. Stalin murdered scientists when they wouldn't comply with his agenda and stupidity. Stalin was yet another stupid fucking Atheist.
Evolution on a grand scale has never been observed. Scientists admit this. They will tell us based on fossils (Ancient dead animals) this is why they conclude all this nonsense. Atheists will tell you it's proven and seen daily. We have never seen an ape turn into a man or rat into a primate. We have never seen a fish get up on land and turn into a full blown reptile. We can observe diseases and Virus's adapt to its host and kill people and animals. I've heard Atheists claim we're a virus that got body parts and a brain. These fucking idiots get their science from Disney movies.
Stats show us nowaday more Atheists appearing on the science scene. Historical facts show us it was the religious who invented the word science and every field of it. Atheists are in a sense parasites feeding off of everyone else's work. Proof here

Keep in mind Atheists have made their rounds. They take over society and politics. Rewrite morality. Dispose of God. History shows us they destroy churches and spread propaganda and in the end kill everyone they rule over. Atheism rises and then kills itself like a virus. Luckily they're too stupid to learn from their repeated failures. Sadly believers tend to allow it.

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