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TheAmazingAtheist False Rape Accusations Crime

TheAmazingAtheist False Rape Accusations Crime

TheAmazingAtheist lied claiming he was abused as a child. Said he was raped and hated the victim mentality. I will show you side by side video's with him lying. First, we will start with his false accusation. Even claims he is tough and he will deal with it. Below he admits while on drugs that he was NEVER abused!

He has also said on repeated occasions that he finds children attractive sexually.

Teenage girls are annoying because they go out into public dressed like sluts and then if you look at their massive titties there is a segment of our society that will happily declare you a pedophile for “oggling those poor children.” Children, my ass. Children don’t have D cups. Children don’t have big, luscious round asses crammed into designer jeans. - TJ Kirk

The age of consent thing is based on a post I made on an internet forum when I was like 20. And it was actually a pretty popular sentiment on the boards at that time. Hell, it was a popular sentiment on the internet in general at that time. It was also, I’m sad to say, an opinion that my father held. - TJ Kirk (Admits his scammer father who ruined the lives of thousands of children with a false diploma mill also was sexually aroused by children)

As for this nonsense about me dating a 14-year-old when I was 23, I was actually mocking a friend of mine who was over 30 and was macking on some 16-year-old girl. The sad fact is that when I was 23, I was single and pussy less. And I was too timid and frightened to even approach a girl sexually, let alone one who could wind me up in prison. - TJ Kirk (Claims he was joking when caught claiming he fucked a child)

There are tons of videos and posts where you can find much more. It is not a surprise that he targets children in his video's. He also defended Milo who said he see's nothing wrong with consenting sexual partners who are children. It also doesn't surprise me that Atheists who claim to be so against rapist priest have defended Atheist kid touchers. The moment you bring up priests who belong in jail for fucking kids to justify Atheists doing it proves to me that Atheists lack morals and any humanity.

Brett Keane
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