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Online Christians and Atheists VS Offline Christians and Atheists

Online Christians and Atheists VS Offline Christians and Atheists
This is my personal experience...you may not relate.

Online Christians
I can count my Christian Friends on 2 hands. On Facebook a few like up my posts. None of the online Christians will attend my funeral. They will not be there for my life nor death. Many on Facebook either don't talk or post Jesus memes all day. On YouTube many of them wanted to be pals when the views were high. Come into my room with the intention of preaching and taking over. Felt like I wasn't even there.

Can't tell you how many times I just went to sleep or walked away. Rarely does any of them ask if I'm ok. The only passion from any of them is when they throw each other under the bus. The usual bullshit about who is a real Christian and who is not. Nothing like seeing my friends interact with each other and within 5 minutes sending each other to Hell.

One of my primary reasons for not wanting to chat Live anymore. Like Atheists they only seem to want views and popularity. Friendship impossible. If you're hard on your luck don't bother asking for help. You will find them to be as charitable as Atheists at a reason rally.

Online Atheists
Disgusting vile fucks who apparently have no life who enjoy the suffering of others. When I first started using youtube and social media there was a lot of good Christians and Nice Atheists. Then the money came pouring in from ads everyone wanted their podium and tribal primitive behavior began. All the kind hearted believers and nonbelievers either died. Or left in droves.

 I was left with gimmicks and fake characters. Social media became unbearable redundant and lonely for me. Atheists harm each other and have no problem affecting you offline. I've seen them destroy other Atheists just to feel important.

I use to ask the question to people "If you could push a button and make certain groups of people go away for good would you?". It also use to hurt me in my faith when I thought about people going to Hell. Now after constant disappointment and heartache I have concluded Hell is too good for all these pieces of trash.

But you want to know something real fucking sad? Popular Atheists have paid me more to be on their show to trash and mock me then Online Christians ever supported me.

Offline Christians
Some I've met were garbage. Had some bad experiences that made me pissed at God for years. It only takes a few bad apples to make your heart race and mind break. A majority I've noticed offline tend to be nice people. They just live their lives and try not to harm anyone. Had be a few awful experiences but mostly nice respectful people. I will admit I'm bored of preachers. They're redundant to me. I despise religious music.

I like secular music played by Christians like Alice Cooper, Megadeth, etc.
When I needed help I had to call many churches but sooner or later someone would help. I remember in the past as an Atheist I had no one to call. Atheists don't fucking care about you unless you're stupid like them and push their agenda.

Offline Atheists
Nowhere to be seen. Atheists tend to talk tough and act like they're somebody on the internet. I've lived in Missouri and Florida. Only a few I met from online. They were terrified of me. Nervous and self conscious. It was always Atheist or Agnostic females who wanted my friendship. No matter what religion women are they find me interesting and charming. As I always say...I'm married.

These are my experiences. I can wrap up the whole story in 2 words. Pure Suck.

Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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