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How to Easily Destroy Atheists in Debate (part 1) By Brett Keane

How to Easily Destroy Atheists in Debate (part 1) By Brett Keane
Atheists have a set of belief's and hate it when you educate them on their own world view. They also like some religious cults out there too many to name have followers with programmed answers for everything. Nonbelievers are prideful and arrogant and hate to admit they're wrong or lost in a conversation. Here are their typical responses. I rarely hear them speak or think outside the box.

1. Atheists favorite attack on religion is killing and morality issues usually in the bible. You will notice Atheists as a majority tend to ignore Muslims out of fear and lack of education about their holy book. You will discover most pissy Atheists were once failed Christians who didn't want to have authority over them such as family, friends, and God. Atheism is easy they believe. You have no moral obligation to think and you can lie about everything because you're not accountable for your deception. So when they bring up moral issues ask them on what basis or foundation do they judge?

Why is killing wrong?
Or rape?
Are you basing your morals on a society that says it ok to kill in many different conditions including self-defense?
Or ask them did nature ingrain these values into them deep within their genetics?

If you're in a nasty mood and feel like toying with their feeble mind which I tend to do. Ask them if moral issues are such a concern why do you hold the Atheistic position where historically Atheist dictators killed more in a week than all the ancient religious wars combined and then some. The Atheist is usually surprised by this because they tend to be too stupid and lazy to study and research the history of Atheism. They will cry fallacy because anything they can't argue against becomes a fallacy. When they do this let them know they're correct. That they did, in fact, use a fallacy when running their mouth about your faith and encourage them to stop. ;p

Then comes emotional drivel. If God is nice why does he do not nice stuff...bla bla bla. Now comes a fun response. Ask them if they preferred God did nothing while Atheist dictators murdered millions? Or do they prefer God's Star Trek Prime Directive? This means God allows free will for mankind to do bad things. It's part of letting a species evolve and grow on its own or murder each other and destroy the world.

But Atheists don't kill in the name of Atheism they will cry. One of the stupidest fucking things they can claim. This is where I bring the pain again by responding with "Oh do Atheists win extra points if they kill with Atheism in mind? Do you win a cookie? One of my personal favorites is to ask them which would they prefer...getting murdered slowly by an Atheist or a religious person...which do you prefer and why? The dumb shit will most likely attempt to bring up something from the bible completely out of context or race to google for help from a hate Bible website.

There is no point talking about religion with asshole's who can't be bothered to read the bible or history. They simply want to fight and look smart. Makes them feel better about being born from nothing and living the life of predetermined slug chemicals. And then some day dying and being forgotten with no pass go collect 200 dollars.

What you want to do is admit you can't save them and God only instructed you sow seeds. Tell them you will not force religion on them but would love to get to know them and learn about their beliefs and views. Normally Atheists do not come into religious areas to make friends. They desire mockery and insults. So you turn the tables on them. Get real with them...

Propose that you have questions for them if they believe themselves to be intelligent. Atheists love to be in attack form but fail miserably on the defensive. You want to ask them their education. Most Atheists are not as smart as they let on. They will not enjoy this topic. Ask them if they've ever been in a lab or experimented. Ask them if they've excelled in history. These questions are meant to make them face reality. Realize they're not slick and once this is finished you can hit them with history, science, theology, and philosophy. You will notice they will pretend they know what you're talking about after admitting to having a weak education. Now if you discuss religion with them you can remind them they've admitted to lacking education in any of these fields and it's not appropriate for them to give subjective opinions on subject matters they clearly know nothing about. Usually, this will cause them to lose control and go full on retard. They have a meltdown.

I will give more tips in the near future. Stay tuned.

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  1. Brett, did you actually write this? Because you know better than this. You once claimed to be an atheist and would refute "arguments" just like this, rightly pointing out how incorrect they are. What happened to you? Garbage like this is still incorrect, so why are you sinking down this this pathetic level?


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