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Has Brett Keane EVER endorsed Domestic Violence?

Atheists on the internet with criminal records of their own decided to weave a tale claiming I beat my wife almost 20 years ago. Pretty obvious why Atheists who attack women on a daily basis simply for claiming to be feminists would do such a thing. It's called a lie and a personal attack. Something Atheists do on a daily basis all over social media. Even Atheist and agnostic females hold contempt against their male counterparts due to the horrendous behavior that derives from them. Example below. Plenty more where that came from.

How the story began. When my daughter was born my wife and I discovered she suffered from a horrible condition called Meningitis that resulted into hydrocephalus. The condition causes the shielding around the brain to deteriorate.

The New Atheist Threat is a devastating examination of the evangelical atheist movement. CJ Werleman, a journalist, and former New Atheist reveals how the muscular and combative atheism championed by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens has morphed into a full-throated cult that not only threatens secular and democratic values, but also a civil, pluralistic society. Werleman demonstrates how, instead of championing empirical evidence and reason, today’s New Atheists promote white supremacy, anti-Muslim bigotry, secular fundamentalism, and thus have become the unwitting pawns of the military-industrial-complex, the homeland-security-industrial complex, Zionism, and U.S. imperialism. The New Atheist Threat is a timely reminder that fundamentalism and violent extremism is not the sole domain of religion.

After 9 surgeries on our newborn finally, doctors managed to put in a functional shunt. We were told for months our daughter might die. If you have children you would understand
that this is the worst fear a parent can have. Standing by helpless and nothing you can do. 

After my daughter got out of critical condition my wife and I were having trouble due to months of living Hell. We did not fight each other. It was more of an emotional separation based on what we were experiencing. My wife's stepmother was a nurse and offered to have Dawn live with her so they could spend time taking care of our baby.

My wife was a wreck and because of my agoraphobia, I was concerned I would not be able to see either of them. My fear of open spaces cripples me in fear to travel. Her stepmother didn't like either of us. The reason was simple. She thought that my Atheism at the time influenced my wife.
She saw me as evil incarnate because I didn't do church or worship God. Her hopes intended to separate Dawn and me forever.

Stepmother convinces Dawn that she is the only answer to keeping our child alive. Says she is afraid I will show up and doesn't want me calling the house. Threatens that if Dawn doesn't file a restraining order then Dawn must leave with our disabled baby. My wife was so afraid and tired from lack of sleep and emotional Hell she did as she was told. I was not able to call and ask if my wife and baby was ok any longer.

I stayed at home with my son. We were both a wreck. After a few weeks, my wife shows up at the door. She wanted to return home and tells me she was forced out. Apparently, the stepmother yelled at her and told her she was a fool for marrying me. That my daughter was suffering the sins of her God-forsaken parents. I've been with my wife and 2 children to this day loving them and caring for them. I also found God.

As for the Kunt of a stepmother, she ended up getting dropped by Dawn's father. She was cheating on him. The woman had her own daughter whom she treated like shit and she has been cut off by the entire family. Sadly for me by Missouri law the restraining order will always be on my record. I never went to court nor jail for any of the things Atheists have claimed. But I know for a fact the same nonbelievers who use this experience as a weapon against me have a huge rap sheet.

Somethings about Atheists who spread this lie of domestic violence you should all be aware of. If I believed for a moment that a woman or children were being abused the police would be called. If need be I would beat the shit out of any man that raises his fist to his wife or kids. I would not feel the need for forgiveness from God afterward. It should also be noted that the same Atheists who spread these lies also have repeatedly made fun of my disabled daughter calling her water head. What kind of soulless person insults a sick child...an Atheist.

Some may ask why details were missing from one of my accounts of the story long ago. Simple. It was almost 20 years ago and my family moved on. We never expected the alleged free thinkers of the internet would fabricate and weave such twisted stories to ruin my character and integrity. This is the last time I explain to anyone how this went down. This document will be permanent for all to see.

The last thing to remember is that none of these Atheists have ever met me or know me personally. Watching someone on a video does not equal out to knowing people. That's how cyberstalkers think.

God bless.

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