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Drunken Peasants Ben is a Huge Creep

This post is by a DP fan. I personally thought Ben went way over the line when he tried to go after my young sister. He has also made it clear he wants to harm me.

All info is from DP site here 

submitted  by cutiehoney996
※Photo included is just to somewhat validate my claims as it's me sitting next to him in the studio. feel free to reverse studio proof image check. If anyone is still skeptical, I understand. Masterpost coming soon. This post is mostly to have others PM me because I know there's more proof. I may also post further verification and answer questions in the comments but please check the new discord.
I posted WAY more concrete proof in the new discord so check there, but basically in the thread about Ben defending Fancy. I've already gotten a few messages privately from Girls he's contacted which will help me come out against Ben. I implore more people to message me privately, however. It'll make our case stronger although considering I have a ton of evidence including audio and photos from inside his home, shouldn't be hard to prove.

I don't care to end DP my intentions are entirely for public health.

The master post is coming sometime early this week(currently not at home/ most images from last year and early this year) here's the post from the other thread. I have months of evidence including audio I need to edit to ensure nobody is dox(including Ben and his wife). Here's the original post:

He tries to hide his marriage but he moved to Seattle and got the rest to move, forced his wife to quit her job solely to be with his mistress a 19-year-old fangirl who had other issues Ben exploited. He consistently lied to that girl about his marriage and threatened her with suicide and had sex with other young girls unprotected all while being married and not telling husband wife.

Like I said, I have at least 6 months so worth of screenshots and audio recordings from Ben proving this. He's a huge manipulator and liar so I avoided coming out with this information since the winter. None of the parties involved knew about his marriage.
He also told me IRL talked daily to a 15-16-year-old fangirl and how she somehow manipulated him. I don't care whatnot people do in their personal lives but a 35-year-old man in a position of power shouldn't be having unprotected sex and manipulating barely legal teen girls.

Especially not one that's a married. Nothing illegal in his part but he's a scum bag. In the screenshots I have, he is super salty and jealous of Paul and other members. The other guys of DP seem decent but if they leave DP I'm releasing everything on Ben. He tried manipulating me and literally told a girl he would kill himself for leaving him.

DP Fans are low-level people barely considered humans. Sociopathic Manson fans who cut them self to attempt to feel. Living off of Mommy and Daddy. The failed mutants of society. Best to take all this bullshit and claims for what it is. Nothing. In fact...every time I considered something a crime I called the police. This user didn't even have the courage to discord with me and prove it to be real. - BK

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  1. Really interesting stuff, the only thing I'm wondering about is the Rybi screen cap, was he dating her I wonder ?


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