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Agoraphobia By Brett Keane

Agoraphobia By Brett Keane
Agoraphobia affects its victims in various ways from what I've learned. I discovered I suffered from it at around 15 years old. My first panic attack was in an assembly in a gymnasium. I was sitting on a hardwood floor and began to sweat and heart began racing. My equilibrium seemed off and the world around me began to turn upside down.

I was in a panic because I had nothing to grab onto that was stable on the ground. I felt like I was falling upside down because that is how I perceived my environment.

Commonly people with Agoraphobia hate crowded space or it's a people issue. My problem is open spaces. I can enter an open space providing there are fences or bolted down objects. Imagine a drunk with no support. Holding onto family does not work nor cars because you feel like you're going to fall into the sky giving the impression people and unstable structures will also be affected by gravity.
Agoraphobia By Brett Keane

I can journey dense woods areas. Visit a forest. But open highways are a struggle for me. My condition has gotten worse over the years. The fact people don't understand it and others mock me has only made matters worse.

My theory on why I have this problem is from the unusual abuse I suffered from family. One of my relations locked me in a dark closed in a basement as a child many times. One could claim I prefer being closed in and born a child of darkness.

I'm not trapped. I simply need to be resourceful and plan my direction when traveling. Sedation is an option if traveling far. This is my story. Others sadly never seem to challenge their fears and become trapped in their homes.

My mind and will tell me I should confront my pain and fears. I intentionally from time to time put myself in hard positions. Hoping it will relax or be dealt with. But when the world turns upside down...there is no escape.

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