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10 Ways to Know Atheists are Intolerant Brainwashed Scum Bags

1. You upload videos to youtube or any video site. They say they hate you and want you to kill yourself and no one likes you. Asserts your not worth anyone's time. But they dislike your video's and comment when you don't invite them or give them permission to do so. An intolerant piece of shit Atheist won't stop harassing you until they're dead.

2. Claims to champion gays but the first time he or she gets mad they will use racial and homophobic slurs against you.

3. If people tell them to shut the fuck up they will claim you've attacked their freedom of speech. They, however, will be first to silence everyone through blocking, banning, deleting comments, hang up the phone, use lawyers to remove anything religious. Claim they're tolerant.

4. Act as if they know more about science than anyone else. Had they made it past their freshman year in high school and paid attention they would have discovered that a majority of scientists throughout the ages have been religious. Note: Just because nonbelievers are just this century getting involved doesn't take away from the fact religious people founded all fields of science including the very word and its definition of science.

5. Claims they care about life yet endorses capital punishment, drugs, suicide, abortion, and genocide as long as Atheism is doing the killing.

6. Will claim their family is intolerant and stupid. Even loved ones can't escape the wrath of the narcissistic sociopathic Atheist.

7. Claims they need no God or authority to be accountable to. This is the reason billions have died throughout history due to Atheists and forcing the hand of religions to stop them through self-defense.

8. Will claim that religion treats women less. Yet they will attack women's right's daily including the feminists with death threats.

9. They will claim to hate slavery but never mind that most of their leaders were murderous dictators who raped and murdered millions and used fear and control on its citizens.

10. They claim to be about education but Atheists have a long bloody history of shooting up schools. Claim they don't like bully's but they always tend to be the aggressor.

All these facts can be found all over my website.

Brett Keane
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