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Zach Black (My Satanist Friend) By Brett Keane

Zach Black and friends began watching me when I was an Atheist. Zach identified himself as a Satanist but also Atheist.
Although he always made it clear he was open to the idea of God. He never attacked me or mistreated me in anyway. He is the type of guy who was laid back and was friendly to anyone unless they shit on him.


Zach Founder of Satanic International Network. Youtube channel is satanicinternational, thesatanicnetwork.

The guy was on Tv and explained his views to people. Didn't care how popular anyone was. If you were small or big he'd always show up to talk. I never knew him to hold back or lie. He was direct and always to the point.

From my perception he was trying to get out a message and it did not matter if people liked it or not. When he had something he wanted to say he expected to be heard. Even though I'm a believer. A Christian now I respect his passion and honesty.

After listening to his arguments against God I noticed a pattern. He brought up pain and suffering. He believed in Justice and Fair play. An example would be: "What about the little girl who is kidnapped, raped, and murdered ect. Where is God?

I can always tell where a person is coming from when they speak and bring up points. This is a man who hates evil in the world and cares about the suffering of innocence. He and I agreed this is valid and important because I also feel the same way and pray constantly about it.

Zach is a good person no matter the label. He would be more than happy to explain to people why he does as he does. I don't know much about his past but I assume he tried out God and church and it simply did not click for him. To many unanswered questions. He is a man who requires closure.

Mr.Black still has a youtube channel and facebook. If you contact him he will respect you as long as you don't piss him off with judgments and condemnation.

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