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Will My Brother Justin Keane Live His Dream? By Brett Keane

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My brother Justin Keane is married to a woman who would die for him any day of the week. A beautiful baby he and her adore. However all his life he wanted to be a musician. In the last few years he found out his body was damaged due to diabetes. He is much more tired than he used to be. Lost tons of weight. He has attempted for years to make the music happen but he's run into countless problems. He is so talented and skilled on guitar that it is almost impossible for him to find musicians who can keep up with him. He's head strong knowing exactly what he wants as where most musicians sadly think of getting laid or being rich but don't put the time and work into it.

He can play all the instruments himself while recording but can't do this LIVE unless he evolves into an Octopus. I used to do music myself but my brother has become way more advanced than I within a few years of starting up. He is a natural prodigy. The only way he and I can play together is if he limits his own abilities. So musically I would be nothing more than an anchor holding him down.

My brother has played with many bands and tried doing their stuff. But many groups don't have the same drive. The moment people get burned they tend to quit or give up. My brother is stubborn and focused. He knew from the start problems would happen due to Music being attached to business.

Businesses rarely concern themselves with the human soul and emotion. They want image and money. Business does not care about the talent. If you can beat spoons together with a trash can yet manage to pull in a paycheck they will work with you until you drop dead.

You may notice that Music nowadays is super shitty compared to what it used to be. Music became TV. TV wants image. Humans have become more visual.

So I hope and pray my brother gets his dream. But whether he does or not...I hope it does not kill him.

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