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Why Does Brett Keane Backstab All His Friends?

Why Does Brett Keane Backstab All His Friends? That is the rumor DP pushes and today we will discuss this phenomenon. I've been doing YouTube for 10 years starting as an Atheist then finishing out a Christian. That is a long time where it is inevitable you will make some enemies. Let's explore our list and why I have Issue.


Started watching him after he joined 6 months after me. Loved the guy. In a video he was answering questions and someone asked him what does Brett Keane do for a living. He joked and relied most likely sells drugs. Child services got called on my family. Years I've told people over and over I don't do or endorse drugs. He was forgiven. Later he created a website with a page list of YouTube Christians that needed to be flagged and destroyed. Although I was an Atheist many of these believers were friends of mine. This was the 2nd biggest thing that made me not trust Thomas Kirk. Ironically after exposing the page I was flagged to death losing my popular youtube channel. I lost over 30 channel over the next 10 years of my life. This is just a few of the starting problems I had with this guy.

HappieCabbie has a criminal record for touching children. Made a channel where he twerked almost naked and then would make balloon animals for children. He use to torture his homeless roommate Nick Bravo who just so happened to be mentally disabled. Video after video trashing him till he lost his reputation and multitudes of haters continued torturing him even to this day. Pic below.
HappyCabbie also would falsely accuse people of horrible things. Example below.

Attention seeker and fake to the bone. Likes to tell everyone he is the only Christian and everyone is going to hell. Loud annoying. Destroyed numerous times by Atheists. Will do out of time rap battles. He has come to the point where he is so stupid even Atheists feel sorry for him. Impossible to be a friend with him because he will start shit with everyone for views.

Use to be casual friends. Turned out he was bat shit crazy. I don't care how rich someone is if you're unstable that is enough for me to take a hike.

Caught him talking massive shit on me in chat rooms many times. Pretended to be a friend. No one needs a kunt like this in your life. Just ask his X-Wife.

So these are some of the people I walked away from due to their disgusting antics. I came to social media to make friends and discovered I'm a shit magnet. If I feel someone is bad for my health I don't hesitate to drop people. YouTube became a place of mobs, actors, and gimmicks for the money. Hard to make friends with people who have this mindset.

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