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Why Brett Keane Supported Donald Trump

Why Brett Keane Supported Donald Trump.

1. Because he claimed war was bullshit. Said Hilary was a war monger (Sadly the moment he got in he dropped 50 million worth of missiles on some assholes who deserved it and some innocent civilians.)
2. He in my mind was the only choice. The Clinton's had 30 years to get shit worked out.
3. His love and dedication to God and his family. He was no saint but the guy made sure his family never suffered. There is not many people like this on the planet.
4. America is not the land of the free or great. It's a business. It's about numbers not people. Never has been. Trump is one of the most successful businessmen to date. A perfect match.
5. The government and politicians make him sick. Guess what...He and I identify on many levels of this.
6. We both love Wrestling WWE 😎
7. We both have a shitty hairdo.
8. We both love twitter. Nothing more enjoyable than airing dirty laundry for the whole world to see.
9. He hates internet trolls. Normal internet users agree.
10. He hates the media public and social. I hate the fuckers myself. Ratings based on blood and lies makes me want to hurt people.
11. He believes in God but is stubborn and shrewd like a hardcore Atheist and will pray anytime he feels like it whether you like it or not.
12. He has charisma and is funny. Laughter is the cure for everything folks.
13. Supports Vets. Disabled, and jobs for the poor. This is why Jesus voted him in.
14. He knows how to get what he wants and make people listen bad or good. That to me is a president.
15. His words are so powerful it causes massive amount of idiots to roll around on the ground screaming like their on fire. This is supernatural to me. Almost Christlike.
16. His own father believed in him so much he was loaned a small sum of one million dollars. Christmas must be Heaven at Trump Tower.
17. He knows the military can get you killed so like many politicians he said fuck no and created an empire instead of destroying them.
18. His wife is smart, beautiful, and will destroy losers. She did it in court less than a year ago and then some.
19. He humiliates liars and cheaters. I have orgasim everytime he does it.
20. I don't expect him to do everything he says. I don't expect world peace. I don't expect America to be great again. But I know for a fact he cares enough and his ego is so fucking big he will do lots of great shit just the fact alone he loves hearing us praise him when he gets shit done.
Last but not least. He wanted to build a wall to keep assholes out. America has enough assholes as it is.

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