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Why Atheists Share Burden of Proof by Brett Keane

Why Atheists Share Burden of Proof by Brett Keane

burden of proof
phrase of burden 1.the obligation to prove one's assertion.

The Atheist will try their best to get out of defending his position because thinking involves effort. By claiming that the universe did not come from a prime mover God automatically asserts you hold a naturalistic position. Why you might ask?

1. There is only 2 options to this simple math equation. The theist claims a supernatural origin. The opposite and only other option is to assert nature created the universe and life. Being that our Atheists friends have no clue how we came into existence and why the universe came into existence puts them in a position of faith. They believe the universe and life came from somewhere. If it's not super natural then it must be natural.

So they're expected to give evidence for a natural universe origin now that they rule out the supernatural. 

EXAMPLE - I claim that a car sitting in front of me was created by a sentient intelligence. You claim you lack a belief in my assertion of a maker. People don't tend to disagree with a proposition unless they know the answer or believe you're wrong and they're right. Somehow this car is sitting in front of us. Either someone made it or there MUST be another explanation. This is when the Atheist must defend his position.

If they're not willing to defend their position of their naturalist views and run away or pile up excuses then you will know they can't defend their faith. They simply lack logic and reasoning. Anything they say about God at this point is just to argue and pretend to be smart.

Wanna make them squirm? Ask them this:

1. Do you believe the laws of logic are immaterial or material? (Either way Atheist is fucked because he is a materialist. He won't be able to answer either way with facts)

Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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