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TheAmazingAtheist - Why Brett Keane Called Thomas Kirk a Scammer

Thomas Kirk a Scammer
TheAmazingAtheist claimed 3 times he was going to make a video site everyone could use. He said give me donations and I will make all our dreams come true. He took the money and bought a car and a nice coat for himself.

I was an Atheist back then and wanted a place I could freely preach about nothingness. Not have to worry about Google virtually raping me daily with thousands of other Atheists. It broke my heart and started me questioning if Atheists were any better than the fakes at church.

The irony is TJ will pay for all of this when youtube fucks him and all his supporters down the tube literally. Could you imagine how rich he could have been had he made a working video site.

It's too late now. I'm no longer an Atheist so I could give a shit less if non believers have no podium or stage to express themselves.

TJ thought he was the guy on the rock for a long time that would take the wave. But the oceans of corporations will soon drown him. Nothing but a faded memory.

Of course he did defend himself though by saying...I was just too damn dumb to make it work. You will get no argument from me old friend.

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