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TheAmazingAtheist - Why Brett Keane Feels Sorry For TJ Kirk

TheAmazingAtheist - Why Brett Keane Feels Sorry For TJ Kirk
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Some of my favorite video's about TJ when he first started was about his life and how he learned to deal with problems. He seemed to have a gift of understanding himself and what he wanted. It was clear to me that he suffered from rejection and abandonment issues. He also suffered because of mistakes his family made that were not his doing.

He spoke of how shitty high school was. People treating him like he was a toilet to be shit on. This is the lure of TJ that I myself was attracted to. Clearly for many others as well. I seen him as a survivor. An outcast just wanting to be heard. The class clown seeking attention.

TJ and I are alot alike. We have trust issues. Neither of us want to be swept under the rug. Neither of us want to be forgotten or passed up. Money also does not buy us love or friendship. It simply pays the bills.

I'm poor as dirt but I can honestly say if I won a billion dollars it would not matter. My interests are simple and I usually just give it away to people I care about or pay bills. People get fake when you have something they want. TJ knows this and this is one of the reasons he appreciates me in a fucked up way. Although I'm not perfect and will never be a saint...He knows although both of us like to bullshit sometimes...we're as real as this world gets.

So why do I feel bad for him? Because he lives in Hell trying to weed out the fakes. He went from honest to trying to protect an image. He went from being hurt to harming people. Not all of it on purpose. Another reason he and I are alike. I personally think that had he not been hit with fame...we could have been best friends almost brothers. But I know now I've just become business to him.

He holds onto many childhood hero's or shall I say Villains. He likes the joker because he is unpredictable. A character claimed to be insane yet makes a lot of sense. TJ knows without Chaos balance and equilibrium can't exist. The joker does as he wants and it's because of him Batman and those around him serve a purpose. Without evil good does not matter.

Then there is his musician Manson. A bright man who covers himself in filth and visual energy. Rebellion against the status quo. I've seen the interviews and read the lyrics. Manson is intelligent and has the gift of making ugly and weird into beautiful. Manson also gets blamed for his music and views. A perpetual victim of the times.

The problem is for TJ Kirk is he is in a constant uphill battle. Every star burns out. Even as we speak people who use to claim they love him are selling him out for other stars. Younger and brighter. TJ has dangerous decisions in front of him that can destroy everything he's built. He must destroy all the other talent or continue to change with the times. He has tried being the buzzfeed guy. He has tried to destroy the other stars that attempt to suffocate his light.

But in the end.......

DP and fans love making fun of my writing skills. One just simply needs to look at the comments on the show to see Autism raids and retards jerk off circles in action. If this isn't enough check out there site..below.
TheAmazingAtheist - Why Brett Keane Feels Sorry For TJ Kirk

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