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The Future of Brett Keane - My Plans

Although I won't be making youtube video's I do have plans that involve social media. I plan to continue vlogging news, diary my life, articles and more. Even though I won't be uploading video's I might put audio of my voice. I will also be reviewing other youtubers. Doing this is very relaxing for me. I have much more time to do things I enjoy.

I've also successfully reported and removed many youtubers from Google. Users who used the site to terrorize other people. This will be even worse now because they will not be able to cause me any harm whatsoever anymore. I can't be false flagged because I'm no longer part of the corporation. Call me an outside reporter. When youtube refuses to deal with bigger users who harass others and violate tos I will go to their partner programs and advertisers and inform them that Google is now at fault for criminal behavior. I have no issue with contacting FBI and police if need be. I have apps and software that tell me everything I need to know about services people use. It's legal and it's the law.

I will also do gaming so people may notice me on twitch. There is a possibility that I might use daily motion if I really need to have a visual report.

People will not be able to reach me on twitter. Facebook will be the only way. I've turned off notifications. The first time someone contacts me and I feel harassed I will report and block. Facebook has the ability to call people in message. So chatting is an option but only through FB. I will no longer do shows.

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