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Scotty Drunken Peasants Why Brett Keane calls him TJ's Shadow

Scotty tried long ago to make a youtube channel. It was dull and lacked creativity and charisma. It was clear he would never be the breadwinner in the family. TJ clearly was the talent and the voice. TJ will claim Scotty wrote some shit for him and helped advertise. But I can promise you that if both of them made the same video saying the same shit...Scotty would get way less views and no one would give a shit. TJ is the machine that drives the shows.

Scotty has never been invited to anything but my interview I was willing to do for him. He never showed because he simply lacks the balls to do things on his own. TJ might have small balls but at least he uses them.

Scotty simply stutters and repeats everything his brother says or insults his brother live in order to feel big. This is why he is the shadow. He will consistently piss on PaulsEgo. Paul of course fears being fired so he allows the weakling to degrade him.

Wanna be Cena started up his own little meme telling people my brother Justin Keane is the best of the Keane's. What our little goblin doesn't realize is I love my brother and sister. I would burn in Hell for them. I want the best always for them even if we don't always get along. Saying my brother is better than me is like saying my kids have become more advanced and better than me. That is what I want for my family so I take it as a compliment.

Scotty simply has no talent. But I respect that TJ tries to make him relevant.

By the way. Cena is a lame ass wrestler with a fake wigger gimmick. Undertaker, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and maybe even the Rock in his hay day would be the right men to idolize.

When the drugs and bad eating habits of TJ finally do him in I predict Scotty fading away like a shadow. Like he was never even there.

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