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Questions for TheAmazingAtheist Thomas Kirk By Brett Keane

Questions for TheAmazingAtheist Thomas Kirk By Brett Keane

Questions for TheAmazingAtheist Thomas Kirk

Note: I simply want your opinions. I know you're not a scientist. In the past you seemed very open to Q/A. Hopefully this is still the case. You can message me your answers and I will put them on the post.

1. Do you believe the universe came into existence by itself?

2. Do you believe the Universe has a natural cause and if so why do you believe this?

3. You seen video games like the sims. A simulated world where you create characters and control them or allow them freewill. Do you believe it is possible for a game like this to make itself with no intelligence?

4. Can you explain the origin of logic and rationality and why nature created this unintentionally?

5. Can you explain why nature created us with pain receptors? Do you think nature cares if we hurt or feel joy?

6. Why did nature install the ability to reproduce?

7. The human body acts mechanical and with purpose...how can this be without intention and function?

8. What kind of evidence would you need specifically to accept the existence of an intelligent entity that has the wisdom to transform matter?

9. If you recieved evidence you could not deny that God existed tommorow would you inform your Atheist followers? Also do you think they would be open minded and tolerate you as a believer?

10. If you selected something example food you would most likely say this is by choice. Example food or what video you choose to upload to clarify. So the question is why does natural selection choose?

Some bonus questions below if you feel up to it.

1. Would you like one of many reasons I believe in God? Of course you do. The universe is supernatural by definition. When the universe came into existence as did space, time, and nature. This logically means the cause was outside of space, time, nature itself. The cause rationally now has attributes of God. The cause is eternal and outside time. Powerful enough to create the universe and all life in it. This fits the supernatural and can fit nicely with the word miracle.

2. If God exists then we can all agree we should have meaning, purpose, and function. The attributes of something designed. So now I ask that you look in the mirror. Explain to us why your mind serves a purpose and function.As you explore your body and all of it's functions you will realize that you're a biological machine. There is not a single machine with hard drive and processing with energy input and output that came into existence without an intelligent mind behind it. The environment around you is a matrix dedicated to serving your machine. It to serves purpose, meaning, function. The universe is logical and rational. If it wasn't...you couldn't be.

3. Nature by itself has no intention nor plan. Yet reproduction creates a mapping system and blueprint of every living organism. Creating male and female with compatible counterparts to reproduce. Somehow our body acts as Nanobots recreating our genes...our children in our image. Just as God created us in his.

4. Science claims life started in the sea. The bible makes the same claim. Science claims universe had a beginning. Bible claims the same. Science claims our world came into existence through darkness and void. The bible claims an intelligent entity existed within darkness and void. If one simply looks and compares science with the bible's claims you will understand why it was in fact believers who invented and founded almost every field of science.

5. Non Believers claim we believe in magic. Yet they're the one's who claim the universe and life came into existence by itself with nothing guiding it. Might I add...magic is real and practiced by intelligent magicians.

6. Scientists can never reproduce life without stealing God's code that was already created for them. And even then they do a shit job of producing anything that resembles his creativity.

7. Evil to me is evidence. I see it in Religious people and Nonbelievers. I've never met an Atheist who denies the existence of evil.

8. Altruism. The act of sacrifice without personal gain. Sometimes death. This spits in the face of the selfish Gene and preservation of nature. Nature dictates only the strong survive. The moment a stranger dies for you...this is not survival of the fittest.

9. Pain receptors and pleasurable sex. Nervous system. Why did nature form a system for our brain to receive joy and pain? Nature doesn't give a shit but God sure does.

10. Whether you like it or not you're a miracle. According to mathematicians we should not exist. We're a mathematical improbability. In other words we shouldn't be here.

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