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PaulsEgo - Why Brett Keane Fall Out Situation with Particular Individual

Use to love the shit out of this guy. When I watched him many things he said struck home with me. Depression. Pain. Doubt in God. Suicide. I was with the guy on many levels. Can't count how many times I wanted to eat a bullet. Dealing with my own personal issues. Paul in my mind was my people.

I was in search of new and brave Atheists. Not fake fuckers who had an axe to grind. But people I could relate to and identify with. People I could trust. I always enjoyed his stories so I promoted him through my channel. He told me later that it was one of the greatest things he ever had done to him. He told me he ran to his wife and told her about his excitement.

We also enjoyed a lot of the same comedians, actors, and movies. On a personal level we hated on ourselves more than any critic could imagine up. We were flawed people just trying to wake up in the morning without the thought of leaping off a cliff.

I had my wife and kids but I still felt alone. I was doing video's about Atheism and my life. I believed I was helping people who were hurting. But I also secretly hoped someone could help me get rid of my pain.

Eventually we started talking. I never claimed I was some great person with all the answers. In fact I was pissed off at the world constantly looking for purpose and reason. Paul was chill and seemed kind and understanding. The type of person you could share painful shit with and not have to worry about it being broadcasted for all the world to hear and see.

I assumed wrong clearly. One day I went into a chatroom under another ID. It was Gary Inmendham room. Gary hated me so I didn't want to disturb him with my presence. I enjoyed Gary and his video's so I would silently come in and listen. Paul strolled in and I listened in shock as the 2 men began a conversation about me. All nasty and I went to bed feeling betrayed and even more like shit than usual.

Around this time Paul was also making friends with TJ Kirk. TJ and I had a falling out which I will tell story later. Paul seemed to me like he felt he needed to make choices about which one of us he wanted to be around. I suppose I made this easy for him because I insulted him in my own room because of feeling betrayed. Plus my youtube channel got killed so I was no longer what was popular. TJ of course to this day held onto his channel as others sunk into the ground or forced off google during take over.

The Atheist community took a shit on me. Most of it started from the same people I promoted and helped make popular.

So presently Paul shit talks me. He no longer has his wife. He hooked up with a mental patient who's into anime. DP shits on him constantly. He's on drugs. He threw his education away and shit hole job. Grew his hair out and now looks like a big foot who got fucked by an orangutan. He has become fake.

He use to say in his video's he hated fake shit on TV. But now he is on a show where he is nothing but fake. He said he wanted to be accomplished and without help. But he did not hesitate to wash balls for personal gain.

TJ has tried everything he can to put Paul on the map. But Paul alone has burned out and simply lacks any former talent he had before. Nowadays he watches movies and trashes talent for payout.

His story will end with him hitting the rails and sitting in his own shit.

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