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PaulsEgo Garbage Movie Reviews By Brett Keane

The channel PaulsEgo Movie reviews consist of a fat slob who watches movies for us. Wants money from us so he can rent movie and then tell you how it sucked. 10,000 born losers have subbed to this waste of skin. All from Drunken Piss-Ants. We have thousands of movie reviewers who are much more attractive, intelligent, charisma and energy driven people doing exactly the same shit but better.

The worst of it is movies nowadays are usually as followed.
1. Action movies now rely on special effects and no story. Or same overused formula
2. Horror movies are not scary but just gross
3. Romance should be in the genre of fantasy.
4. Super hero movies with Daddy Issues.
5. Everything else blows.

Paul is a burn out divorced Pot head. He will never offer anything original or unique to the brand. His reviews mostly bullshit. I have more enjoyment scratching my balls then listening to someone who has clearly been born from the result of close cousin incest.
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