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John Gischala Full Story (My Partner in Crime) By Brett Keane

John Gischala and I met long ago when I was an Atheist doing Stickam Chat. Basically people on cam yelling at each over religion and politics. John and I believed in Justice. Fairness. We both also suffered from depression and felt alone. He off and on believed in God but seemed like a disgruntled employee to me. He appreciated my video's where I was tough on God and the bible. His favorite video was called "Burn the Worms".

He and I noticed Atheists began getting very personal with me even before I believed in God. Atheists attacked one another for internet fame, money, greed ect. John believed I was a good guy so we discussed our options on how to take out the trash. We both believed in Freedom of expression, speech, and religion. But these bastards were telling people to kill themselves and seeking out personal records of their enemies and plastering them all over the net to destroy people.

We both knew that YouTube had a reporting system and that all these video's violated terms of service and community guidelines. We had no sympathy for Bullies, Pedophiles, Cyber Stalkers, Abusive hateful people that got pleasure from hurting others so we made a pact. Seek and Destroy. Make YouTube aware of the problem.

Bad people don't like being held accountable for their sins so of course they became angry with John and I. I could give a shit less. John and I let everyone know that would never stop and even to this day I have rid the world of hundreds of accounts and will continue doing so.

Dubs is a good man who has a lot of depression and personal issues. He simply wanted friends and people to study Torah with. Atheists have painted a picture that we're Villains for stopping them from being Kunts.

However Atheists reported us back filling out false reports that killed many of our own channels. Had YouTube investigated their site and the false flagging they would have seen what Atheists were doing.

YouTube recently lost millions when advertising companies found out YouTube was so blind and stupid that they accidently funded ISIS video's causing advertisers to run for the hills. That is how bad it has become. Luckily many Atheist bullies are gone when paychecks stopped. Atheists behaved like shit because they got paid by YT. Rewarded for Sin.

I still love my friend John and hope the best for him always.

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