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James Paul Von Helton (My Pagan Friend) By Brett Keane

His video's Click Here 

Von is a kind passionate man. He believes in standing up for the innocent. Hates evil to the point he is willing to build a small army and destroy it. If you talk to him long enough you will discover he's damn near done it all and seen things that would make you shit your pants.

His interests range from Paganism and every religion to Aliens, Corrupt Government, and Problems from here to the ends of the universe. It is impossible for him to be dull. He always has interesting topics to discuss.

I met him long ago in Stickam. He was running NWO room. People would come to my room and shit talk him. Being the person I am I decided to meet him and see what all the fuss was about. Liked him from the start. Argued with him at first but realised he wasn't out to hurt anyone. He just wanted to share his views and make friends.

Because he has a big heart the bully's of the internet became attracted to him. Turning this poor good intentioned man into mentally ill villain. They went after everything he loved. Mocked him day and night. But Von would never quit or run away. He remains true to this day.

Mr.Helton is a good man who tries the best he can. Like many people he has experienced that the world is unfair and does not seem to care unless you have money. Yet he keeps Rock'n.

He respects all religions but drifts towards Paganism. He is searching for truth.

I hope God let's him win the lotto someday. Or give him his own TV show.

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