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I Don't Fear Hell By Brett Keane

I don't fear Hell. I'm afraid of certain things but Hell is not one of them. Hell is a place for those who have no love in them. Selfish greedy kunts who pleasured themselves to the suffering of others. Hell is a place for people who hurt children. Those who harmed their own families for gain. Those who stood back making excuses doing nothing as others drowned.

Hell is a place for those who offer false promises and those who lie to fulfil agenda's. Hell is for the willfully unjust and those who never gave a fuck. Hell is for the dead who don't deserve to live. Hell is for the Unrepentant.

Do you know what the worst pain of all is? It's not flames or devil's. It's the lonely darkness in your mind. It's the scars you never heal from inside. The kind that make your soul bleed. Once your mind is lost there is no getting it back. The mind is the soul that binds you to the reality of God and this fallen world.

I've stood before the uncaring cowards of this world. You've been allowed to cut me over and over. When the final hour comes and you take that last breath you will finally see. You will not be able to hide behind your hypocrisy. No one will be around for you to hurt anymore. You will die a thousand times a second and this will go on for eternity. You will always know...I told you so.

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