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Goodbye YouTube Brett Keane Retires (The whole story)

When I started youtube I was going through Hell in my personal life. Felt no one cared or was listening. YouTube claimed to be family friendly and offered me a chance to safely express my pain from the safety of my PC. No one was forced to listen or watch unless they chose to.

I had no idea that those little boxes with the play button resembling a virtual zoo would act as a prison. Where the warden could silence me anytime YT seen fit. Where the inmates would be allowed to mentally shank the prisoners and it's visitors.

So finally for once in life I could share my life and thousands of people could give me advice. Help me survive. Help me with my depression. Be the family I so desperately wanted. Most people don't know this but I came to the world of youtube looking for someone to listen. So I wouldn't feel alone. After awhile I found out other people needed the same. Feel wanted. Need someone to talk to. Now I felt I had some use and could do good. Sharing my experiences might help others!!!!!!!!!

Sadly my anger and personal problems meshed with good intentions began drowning me. Somedays I was happy and could take on the world. Other days I felt suffocated and used.

In the beginning I was on my own with no God. In real life I had my wife and kids. Brother and sister. I was loved but I didn't feel they could help me through the war going on inside me head. Everyone needed me to be strong. But I wasn't...I was dying inside. It wasn't their fault. 

The more popular I got the more I felt people actually seen value in me. The views and likes made me assume humanity accepted me. I had no idea any of them planned on killing what little I had so they could get attention and popularity. The war began when Youtube went from family friendly to everyone gets paid. The more popular the more money.

It was simple. The mob picks out popular people. Burn them for all to see. Take the fan base. People who once enjoyed YT left in droves. Others watched in horror as people stole their video's and used them to crucify each other for fame and glory. Things became so personal threats of violence and murder pursued due to people seeing youtube as their lively hood. Money can fuck people up in their mind.

I knew I was going down 2 years in. I had shared so much of my pain and flaws to the world. I was naked with no armor. Many old youtubers had shared their life. Good and the bad. The Atheist community would play God and make everyone's life a living Hell to fill their pockets. 

The once loyal audiences no longer seen people. They now watched to see fake emotions. Fake behavior. Yelling. Fights. YouTube became television and everyone became actors.

For 10 years I watched it all fall apart. Hoping it would change. I found God and now had someone who really cared who listened. Someone who seen beyond the face in video.

YouTube is a place where people don't feel accountable for sins. A place without God. A place I refuse to be a part of. Good bye.

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