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Drunken Peasants Fans Brett Keane Answers Questions

1. Why don't you commit suicide?
     BK - I have a wife and 2 children that I love dearly. If I was alone I most likely would have long ago. My brother and wife and his children are pretty awesome as well.

2. How do you feel about being called a manatee.
    BK- TJ and Paul are 10 times fatter than myself. If I constructed a door onto their assholes I could live inside them with room to place furniture. Not that big of a deal.

3. Does it make you sad they steal your vids and make fun of you?
    BK - It's what I expect from Atheists. I don't believe nonbelievers have morals or ethics as history has proven to us all.

4. Do you beat your family up?
    BK - I'm actually sitting on death row as we speak on a guards laptop for all my crimes against humanity. You decide what you want to believe.

5. Have you ever thought about killing people?
   BK - Yes but I'm to lazy. I only kill in video games.

6. Have you fucked a dog or any animal before?
    BK - My dick is too big for small animals. I suspect it's possible I could show an elephant a good time.

7. Why are you so fat?
   BK - TJ and I clearly shop at the same food stores.

8. Why are you so retarded and stupid?
    BK - I decided to bring myself down to your level in hopes to communicate with you in a way you can understand.

9. Do you enjoy sex and do you ever get out of bed?
    BK - Yes, after sex I get up for a smoke.

10. Brett Keane, how does it feel to be a useless Nigger?
      BK - How does it feel to be a useless racist with no future?

11. Can I fuck your wife?
     BK - If your dick is like TJ's I suspect you couldn't make a field mouse orgasim.

12. Did your Daddy really punch your teeth out?
      BK - Not the back teeth. He tried his best and the family gives him an "A" for the effort.

13. Do you drink?
      BK - Coffee with french vanilla situation.

14. Why do you say situation all the time?
       BK - I don't say it all the time...it just depends on the situation.

15. Why do you bring up TJ's Dad and all his scamming?
      BK - Because TJ brings up everyone I love...seems fair.

16. Do you believe in Gord and why do you change orn and off your views?
     BK - Yes I believe in God. I was a child christian, Atheist for several years, then a Christian adult. I've always said I have an open mind and will change it if presented facts.

17. Why are you friends with this person or that person?
     BK - Because I'm an adult and I enjoy good people.

18. Why don't you like talking to us even though we're DP fans?
      BK - I'm too lazy to make out a list. But people who endorse garbage tend to be garbage.

19. Why do you talk so slow?
     BK - So people like you can keep up.

20. Do you want to hurt DP?
      BK 0 No, I think they hurt themselves well enough with their lifestyle and choices.

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