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Drunken Peasants Ben Tries to Blackmail and Extort Brett Keane

Meet Rumple Chump Skin. An internet bad ass like the typical slugs we deal with daily. In the beginning I gave this balless chap the benefit of the doubt. But he wanted to get me on his show as seen here below.

He claimed the fans wanted this. I would be paid 1000 dollars as before. He and his fat no dick posee had me on the show many times and it was always the same dull experience. 4 losers trying to pull me down to their level through lying and personal attacks. Many people don't want to be on the show because of how stupid these shit bricks are. But if I'm paid I have no issue. However...

Dick brown above decided he was going to throw his internet weight around like TJ Kirk rolls down a sidewalk on me. After daily abuse from the fan base I decided if the peons who wanna watch me get abused for hours I would require more money. These dumpy failures of humanity have made a lot of money off me so they could purchase drugs and booze.

Ben was offended at the idea that someone would not want to be on his shit show without being paid. So apparently he claims to have reached out to my youngest sister whom I'm having issues with at the moment in hopes to use her to drop personal info about me. This is called blackmail, extortion, and cyber stalking and many other crimes that people go to jail for.

So I raised the price every time he brought my sister into this. Reminder: Dick lips also tried to get my brother and other family on show to verbally abuse me for money.

He has also threatened to fight me and tried getting me to meet him somewhere with most likely a slew of slugs and weapons. I informed the primitive dick whistle that if he wants some he needs to pay for the gas and come to my home and hang out on Nightmare on Elm street where he will wish he was dreaming.

Because the AmazingAnus did not propose such threats I let it slide and agreed I would do show providing I'm paid upfront 1000 dollars like usual. Proof below.

I don't like doing court shit and lawyers. But I've been known to use them in the past if needed. I also for some reason feel bad about causing financial issue with TJ Kirk. Don't ask me why even though we know the history. I just don't want him harmed in a serious manner. Maybe make him cry...but not hurt him in any other way.

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