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Drunken Peasant Fan Claims Pedophiles of Discord

NOTE: DP fans come to me all the time making nasty claims about DP and group. I usually ignore them but this user has video, audio, and texts to back up his statements.

I know most of you people don't care about the drama in the DP Communities, BUT I know most of you care about the show and the future of the Drunken Peasants. The past few days it has been unearthed that the community leader of the Drunken Peasants, Fancy is mentally unstable and there is evidence that he had relations with a minor. There screenshots that have been leaked into the community that show that he was in a relationship with a 15 year old, him being 19 and that he has received nudes from her. Furthermore there is evidence of him threatening suicide on a Discord member, with whom he cheated on his girlfriend with.
These are personal issues I admit, but they affect the way he runs the server, as in the past few months it has turned into a place for people who he personally likes and not for the community to enjoy, regardless of who they are.
Screenshots of him threatening suicide on a Discord user and screenshots of him stating that the cops knocked on his door because the person called the suicide prevention hotline on him:
The screenshots proving he was in a relationship with the person and screenshots of her and multiple people stating that she is underage/ proof of her sending explicit material.
A video recording of the conversation where people talk to the Minor that send the nudes.
All that being said the Discord Staff has been trying to sweep all of this under the rug, putting people in a time out room restricting their access for talking about a “forbidden topic”. They also implemented the “screening of people” that has to be done manually by the staff for now. The whole server is on lockdown. Fancy himself claimed the person is 18 or at least that she claimed to be. Her unwillingness to provide proof and him reacting very defensively, makes it seem very suspicious.
Anybody with common sense can tell that this might be a massive problem, especially if the peasants are endorsing somebody like this. They have been notified of all this happening and they continue to back him on this. There has been no official statement by the peasants nor Fancy himself.
Its pretty obvious that this will harm their reputation in the long run and that most people would have distanced themselves from somebody doing this under the protection of their show.
Considering Gibby/Roxie got banned for even hinting at suicide, its preposterous that he can threaten suicide directly onto people and get away with it.
Please take your time read through all of the provided evidence and form your own opinion on all of this and let DP know if you agree with the community being managed like that. If you don't care about all of this then skip this post and move on with your life, thank you.

submitted  by TheConspiracy007

Brett Keane suggestion: Call the police if you think a crime is being committed. Most DP fans are unethical and immoral. They don't give a shit.

Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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