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Donald Trump - Why Do People Attack Him? By Brett Keane

Hopefully you watched the video above and watched at least some of what went down when he was campaigning. Donald Trump is intelligent and brilliant businessman. His problem is he knew going into the race he would be up against liars and cheaters who have a lot of money and push. He stood against lying politicians who have hurt us for years backed by the government.

He went after George Bush and his son for the War and 9/11. Very powerful people. He went after the Clintons and Obama who have almost completely destroyed America. Besides this he also went after the News stations. Billion dollar sharks who live off the blood of their victims they report. Is it no wonder why he has so many enemies?

Let's not forget he is trying to get Americans better Jobs and Money. Big Business's don't like that. Companies prefer cheap Mexican labor to nothing at all.

It should be expected that as long as Americans allow it they will cut up video and sound bites to paint a Villain of our president. Everything he says or doesn't say. EVERYTHING HE DOES OR DOESN'T DO. They will not stop until they distract him from his goals and eradicate him off the map.

The question is will we allow it? Have Americans become so blind and lazy that we simply don't care if good people get crucified?

I support our president. God Bless Donald Trump.

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