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Does God pick Favorites? By Brett Keane

Guy ask me my opinion on this topic below. If he wants to be known he can leave a comment on this post.

I believe God helps us. But if you pray for him to force his will even on the most evil of pricks there is a good chance he will not do it. The bible says he made exceptions. The issue is free will. For some odd reason God wants us to love and serve him with our own free mind. We must always remember God perceives death and pain differently than ourselves. Dying and pain is understood by God but for him death is simply a door and pain is an experience that has no value once our body is gone.

But what about mental and emotional pain? What about women raped on public buses and children getting their hands cut off? Priests who violate children? Atheists who murder and eat their victims? Buddhists who set themselves on fire? Muslims who mutilate or chop my fucking head off Brett Keane?

John the Baptist had his head chopped off for serving God. Jesus got crucified and all his disciples tortured and murdered. Humiliated as God watched. God is a merciful God but he also brings Wrath to those who deserve it. If anyone ever tells you God does things in his time there is a catch you may not understand or noticed. God's time is always present. A silent observer waiting to judge. We make our case before him with our life. Will we condemn ourselves?

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