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Destroying American History and Monuments By Rachel Autumn Lovell

The last few days, I have seen many posts and articles about southern statues coming down. As an artist at first the whole thing freaked me out. I thought to myself, these are "history" a link to our past. What is happening to our country?

Many cultures throughout history have had Statues left for us to gaze at in wonder. Monolithic in size to people and gods long past. Are we ripping down our history? Are we? History and art go hand in hand to give us knowledge of our past. So do books and film. These are all important. Do we need to get rid of Confederate Statues?

Revolution comes at a cost. It sparks wonder, pain, fear and healthing. I remember in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. It was a moment I will never forget, I watched on tv as people tore down a symbol of separation and pain. It was a remnant of a time when Germany was divided after WW2. People separation from family and friends, reminded of the pain from past history.

This what Donald Trump meant by blame on all sides

In a way it seems Confederate Statues may be a "Berlin Wall" here in the United States.  Some many people feel pain when looking upon these "art works" reminded of what took place. As an artist it is hard for me to say rip them down due to "historical value". With that being said their is a deeper issue for those that are affected by these "monuments". What do they stand for? I think stepping back and finding a solution is important.  Mostly, because we must never forget what took place. Atrocities that took place, during the time the "Statues" were placed.

During WW2 many artist spoke out against Hitler and were sent to death camps for it. Artists have a important part to play here. This is a conversation that needs to happen. After talking with people with many different perspectives today I feel the need to talk more about this. While defacing "Confederate Statues" is a knee jerk reaction, I understand why its happening.  People are tired and hurt. There is a need for change and "revolution",freedom from the past.

Change is never an easy thing, it takes years of unlearning. to form new ideas.  But I think it's imperative for us to heal as a nation. Below is a link to an article a friend sent me about Confederate Statues. Click Here

After I read The Monuments Must Go. An open letter from the great-great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson. By Jack Christian and Warren Christian. It made me see a whole other perspective to the issue.

So what is 

It goes deeper than " Confederate Statues" being works of  "art"... It is what the statues symbolize and the pain they cause. A very wise young lady also pointed out on a thread, I was commenting on that "There are no statues of Hitler and we still remember what happened." She has a very truthful and valid point.

I don't have any answers for this. Only my own thoughts and perspective. Which is limited in the end.  What will be put in place of Confederate Statues coming down. I am hoping for new art that symbolizes peace and unity.  In place of the past, pain , racism, and hate.  As this happens ,I remember being a 19 year girl watching the Berlin Wall coming down. What is next for us as a country will we finally heal and work together to build a new future of unity and love. Will new art replace the old, with a message of hope and love.

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