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CNN is FAKE NEWS By Brett Keane

I believe in freedom of press. NOT freedom to harass, slander, and defame. Remove all fake news.

I've paid attention to news on television and twitter. Then I go watch or read about what President Trump actually said. I'm sickened by seeing the outright lies America allows into their living room and computer. The press should be taken to court and sued. Ruined for their witch hunts. Because Trump is rich he has resources to help him survive the vile attacks but imagine if it was you with an average income. You would have been slaughtered before getting out the door.

The News has a powerful responsibility. They are the people we rely on for truth and information. They weave reality. Distorting the facts and flinging lies causes chaos. Many people get anxiety from being plagued with fear tactics all day. If your truth relies on how much money you're paid then we're in serious trouble.

We can see that crimes like stalking, harassment, and bullying can get you put away. My question is what is the difference between Fake news and these illegal activities? If you reward people for sinning then the world becomes Satan's playground.
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