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Christian Hillbilly - My Friend Jim Barber By Brett Keane

Met Jim long ago when I was an Atheist. He chatted with me all the time. I could tell he cared about everyone he met. Because of how cruel Atheists were to him it opened my eyes to understanding the Evil Jim preached about. He never tried to hurt anyone. He simply did what he thought was right. Serve God.

When he would leave rooms and I remained with Atheists I listened to them insult him and mock him. This sickened me and I fought with them about doing so. Jim has been through Hell in his life yet always had a smile and always came at everyone with love. A good father and husband. The best friend you could have.

It wasn't just his preaching that caught my eye. It was his actions. His heart. He was like a sweet Cherub raining love on everyone. A kind gentle soul.

He never allowed people to weaken him or his faith. He spoke as he seen the bible. I hope God continues to bless him and love him.

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