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Brett Keane on Judgement Day - My Terrifying Account

Standing before God and his trillions of Angels will be frightening. Giving account for everything from my birth to my death. Explaining to a God who knows everything about me will be mind blowing. When I describe my experiences images of my family friends and enemies and my interactions will play like a movie reel. Every time I fucked up will be seen for the entire universe.

Will God let me off the hook for the positions people put me in. Or will my words and actions alone Save me? Blaming people for my plunders...will this even matter? I can't lie to God. He seen this movie of my life when it was broadcasting live.

What will be on the big screen? What will you all see? Perhaps a person who loved people and gave what little he had. Maybe a selfish man who was just as pitiful as the human race. Will any of the good I have done matter? Will my sins rip me into pieces as I fall into endless darkness? Oblivion...between existence and non-existence. My conscience my soul torn asunder. It would be clear to me my body as I lived acted as a walking life recording device that would carry my guilt and pain straight to God. One should be sickened with fear. I've been very weak and even I watch my life and see I've failed from the first chapter of my book. I'm in trouble.

But something odd happens. Even though I sucked and didn't always do my best and I'm convinced I don't deserve to stand in front of his holy love. He looks at me like a child. The way a father looks at a son. His eyes alone tells me he knows me yet...still loves me. I look up on the life screen and see clips of my life disappear every time my past self prays and ask sincerely for forgiveness. The reel is literally burning away the film of my life and I notice my soul begins having spots of light shown through the black surface of my soul.

As the dark mist rises from me I realize that had God not removed the filth that suffocated my soul. The hollow empty evil I did upon myself would remain and I would be dead where I stand long before my movie was over.

It is also known to me now that my birth and life was a blessing and miracle. God had leased the life out to me to do good things. Lucky for me he loved me from the womb. God knew my heart. He knew I truly loved him. He also knew I would fail because children make mistakes.

After it's all said in done I find out what God wanted from me. He wanted me to love him. Love my brothers and sisters. Realize without him the universe simply does not exist. Life matters as does love because he is all these things. God bless.

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